Mitigate acts of violence in your neighborhood

It takes a village to halt the advance of violence. Elect safety over fear!


You can help in two ways:
1. Volunteer to help others overcome violence
2. Raise funds to train vets, returning citizens, and single parents.


Green Zones

Join in the movement to Help Stop the Violence. Donate or volunteer to help
 address bullying, conflict, domestic
violence, and overcome feelings of low self-esteem SHOW SOME LOVE!  CFC 74257 “One plus you equal two” 

In Hebrew, El Shaddai means “The All-Sufficient One,” the GOD who is more than enough, the GOD who satisfies with Long Life.  Our mission is to help disadvantaged adults and children discover The GOD who is more than enough.

 Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area #74257

We provide violence prevention and spiritual education, social networking development, and information technology training to seniors/retirees, veterans, returning citizens, and military families.

Helping You prevent youth violence

One child, one neighborhood, one community, one country let’s stop the violence as one.

We need to turn the uptick of youth violence around and remove our youth from the endangered list.  As a country we need bright articulate confident youth to step up to the plate and take the lead. They need to take the lead without the fear of violence. Our youth can only take the lead with your support. The battle against youth violence calls for an “all hands on deck” strategy.  As citizens of the greatest country on earth we cannot allow our youngest and brightest to continue to be made to feel inferior by a bully. Fear, intimidation, manipulation and domination can turn a confident bright person into a person of low self-esteem.

El Shaddai Outreach Temple, Inc., is a 503(c) organization created to help at-risk students and their parents/caregivers Stop Violence.  We are starting our campaign to raise donations to encouraged youth and seniors to talk about youth violence. The contest,  adopted from Do the Write Thing ( ), will not only help our youth but it will also give policy makers an idea of the far reaching effects of youth violence.  The contest helps youth express their feelings through art, math, reading, and social studies. Students submit essays, songs/raps, art, or other creative expressions to address the following questions:

1) How has violence affected my life?

2) What are the causes of violence?

3) What can I do to reduce violence?

 Join in the Fight to Help Stop the Violence. Learn How You Can Support Us Today! Make a donation to El Shaddai Outreach Temple - we help youth and their parents/caregiver learn how to improve their communication skills, career and life skills to address conflict, violence, and self-esteem.

NOTE; This year we are partnering with a local remodeling company to repair a home for a veteran’s (Korean War) widow. She will be able to continue living in her home with her granddaughter.

Help El Shaddai Outreach Temple to Help Our Youth, CFC 74257 “One plus you equal two”