Green Zones

Join in the movement to Help Stop the Violence. Donate or volunteer to help
 address bullying, conflict, domestic
violence, and overcome feelings of low self-esteem SHOW SOME LOVE!  CFC 74257 “One plus you equal two” 


You can help in two ways:
1. Volunteer to help others overcome violence
2. Raise funds to train vets, returning citizens, and single parents.

Ready to improve your community?

Mitigate acts of violence in your neighborhood

It takes a village to halt the advance of violence. Elect safety over fear!

El Shaddai Outreach Temple

5106 Boulder Drive Oxon Hill MD 20745 us


Phone: +1.3017937971


We’d love to meet with you for an overview of how violence can be eliminated in your community. Simply fill out the contact form to request one now.

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